7 KM


The path contains high mountains and the beauty of nature from amazingly colored rock formations ، An opportunity for adventurers to hike, explore the cave, see bats, swim in clear pools of water, and watch big fish. It is an oasis in the desert of Oman, characterized by the water wealth that flows to it throughout the year from a natural spring.

Requirements :

Sports wear for swimming


Additional clothing will be swimming while crossing the valley

Hiking shoes against water

The water is at least 1 liter and drinks are rich in salts such as Bockarie

A small bag against the water

Head cover + sunscreen

Orange fruit - apple - bananas snacks to eat during the break

First aid if any

The price includes :

Hotel ( Triple Room )

Breakfast and lunch

Certified official and organizers

Adventure equipment



We can provide in the case of a non-exhaustive request:

300 dirhams ( The number is limited )

Individual room 100 additional dirhams

Clear the visa transaction 30 dirhams additional on the visa price

Flying tickets and hotel reservations for all countries of the world at competitive prices

Pictures and montage of your 2000 video

Adventure program

Friday: Go to the hotel


4 pm Tag / Hatta Cooperative Society


At 4:30, move and go to the border to make entry and car insurance procedures.

Expected arrival time 10,30

Have dinner with the team

Go to the hotel

Prepare the equipment for the next day

Saturday :

5:30 for breakfast at the hotel.

6 o'clock movement, expected arrival time 6,25

Reaching the valley preparing to start the adventure.

The expected adventure period is 7 hours

Back to the positions.

3 o'clock eating lunch at the hotel

9 o'clock adventurers session.

Sunday :

5:30 breakfast at the hotel

6 o'clock movement for the valley.


6:10 pm The expected arrival time for the valley.

Start the adventure until reaching the unknown cave

Swimming in the valley and enjoying scenery

The adventure ends at 12

Head to the hotel to switch clothes

2 o'clock movement for the homeland

9 o'clock the expected arrival time .

Note :

The number is limited and registration ends when the required number is complete.

The degree of safety is high, you are with the commandos, do not hesitate and share the fun and challenge.



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