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The mountains overlooking the magic of nature and palm trees in Fujairah embrace Wadi Al-Abadla, which is considered one of the ancient areas in the Emirates, 137 km from Dubai, along the road leading to Masafi and Dibba.

The valley is a destination for families and tourists throughout the year, especially in the winter, as it represents a great outlet for families away from the noise and crowds of cities.

The valley is surrounded from all directions by a number of high mountains, and it is an extension of the mountain chain that surrounds Fujairah, which the valley follows, and is characterized by its richness and natural colors. The valley is also characterized by natural and environmental capabilities and capabilities that qualify it to be a destination for lovers and enthusiasts of mountain climbing, peaks, challenging odds, adventure lovers, and hiking enthusiasts.

Is the walk suitable for children and families?

Many children rush to participate, especially in this cold and beautiful weather, while taking safety and security precautions during the walk. Many children are on different mountain paths with a desire to gain more skill, experience and patience, and in each path they complete they wait eagerly until they repeat it in another path, stressing that they are enjoying and feeling Psychological comfort by unloading their negative energies for their benefit and creating a spirit of challenge since childhood.

The path contains:

Different types of beautiful rocks And landscapes and ponds And the path is inside the valley stream.


  • Comfortable sports wear
  • Extra clothes to change in case of swimming
  • Hiking gloves, if available
  • light bulb
  • Water not less than 3 liter, and drinks rich in salt, such as bokari
  • Hiking shoes
  • Backpack with shoulder and waist belt
  • Head cover and sunscreen
  • Fruits (orange, apple, banana) protein bars
  • First aid, if any

We provide :

Experienced and efficient organizers

Water and juices will be provided

Track supplies



Precious opportunities to break the barrier of fear and experience entering the water pools, suitable for all ages, participate in the challenge and do not hesitate.

The number is limited


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