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Asma is one of the agricultural mountainous regions of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, in which an ancient civilization arose, according to what the researchers confirmed, as it is located on the trade route and links it between several regions. It has three paths to reach it, one of them is through the Masafi region, the second is on the road of Al-Tawyeen and Dibba, and the third is from the Al-Ghail region.

You enter the area as if you are penetrating into the middle of the mountains, and you will see tall palm trees with slender trunks adjoining the slopes of the mountains. You enter the valley and on its sides are the popular dwellings, and you proceed on your way towards the farms that are located on both sides of the narrow road. There is the monastery, which means the farms of the people.

The path contains different types of beautiful rocks, ancient ancient houses, picturesque landscapes and different types of flowers, cacti and leafy plantations such as: lettuce, cabbage, beans, eggplant and tomatoes. The path is between the farms and the residential houses, all the way to the old lane built of rocks. opportunity to enjoy the landscape, and the vast green spaces, especially in the winter, watching the different types of flowers, cacti, leafy plantations and old houses.

Join us in the challenge and do not hesitate

Comfortable athletic wear
Hand gloves, if available
lighting lamp
Water not less than 1 liter
And drinks rich in salts such as albocari
Hiking shoe
Backpack with shoulder and waist strap
Head cover and sunscreen
Fruits (orange-apple-banana) protein bars
First aid if available
Experienced and efficient organizers
Water and juices
track supplies


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