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Mount Jens is located in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and is the third highest mountain in the Emirates, which is a wonderful natural area for hiking and viewing old archaeological buildings as well، As on top of the mountain is the village of Jens, which was inhabited by the tribes of Habs in the past, where the old houses are still present، It is worth noting that it is not possible to reach the top of the mountain on foot, but rather four-wheel drive cars, due to the height and roughness of the road

What are the benefits of mountain path ؟

It makes people feel happy and comfortable, because of walking between mountains and picturesque landscapes, which brings them peace and tranquility. It also contributes to strengthening the mental capabilities and relationship with others, and it has many heritage and social dimensions, a sport full of meditation inspired by the environment, nature and places, road conditions, and the challenge of ascending. He considered that the sport of « Hacking » has a part of adventure and love of nature, and meditation on it is deeper, which makes it unique and remains its memories for a long time.

The path contains


Mountain peaks

High plateaux

Premium places suitable for camping

Mountain plants are rare due to the nature of the soil

Old Archaeological Buildings ( Village Jens )

A valuable opportunity to visit Mount Jens, which is considered one of the best mountain paths for hiking and camping, due to its geographical nature characterized by high plateaux and peaks, and watching old houses, in addition to the pleasure of walking between mountains.

We participated in the challenge and the number is not limited


Comfortable sportswear


Hand gloves, if any

Lighting lamp

Water is not less than 3 liters and salt-rich drinks such as Bockarie

Special shoes for the hiking

Backpack with shoulder strap and waist

Head cover and sunscreen

Fruits ( orange-apple-banana ) or protein plates

First aid if any


Experienced and competent organizers

Water and juices

Track requirements



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