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Wadi Ghalila is a region of natural beauty famous for its stone mountain dams and corridors to reach the top of Mount Jess, this trip to the summit is accompanied by picturesque panoramic views of the stone mountains, agricultural lands and valley below, being agricultural land ، It is famous for producing wheat and honey and also includes old farm houses over the valley. For adventure and excitement lovers, we recommend camping to watch the beautiful tent head of the tent from above as well as sunrise. This valley contains 3 tracks heading to Mount Jess. The names of the tracks are as follows: Wadi Ghalila Dam / Dish Path / Path of the Ladders to Heaven.

We shared the challenge and did not hesitate a valuable opportunity for fans of excitement and challenge to climb to the most difficult path in the UAE, which is 2000 meters high.

What are the benefits of mountain path؟


It makes people feel happy and comfortable, because of walking between mountains and picturesque landscapes, which brings them peace and tranquility. It also contributes to strengthening the mental capabilities and relationship with others, and it has many heritage and social dimensions, a sport full of meditation inspired by the environment, nature and places, road conditions, and the challenge of ascending. He considered that the sport of « Hacking » has a part of adventure and love of nature, and meditation on it is deeper, which makes it unique and remains its memories for a long time.

The path contains

Wonderful mountain terrain

picturesque panoramic views of stone mountains

A mountain summit with a wonderful view of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah

A valley running in the water in the winter and a water pool

Agricultural lands, old houses


Comfortable sportswear

Registration form


Hand gloves, if any

Special shoes for the heiking

Head cover and sunscreen

First aid if any

Backpack with shoulder strap and waist

Water is not less than 4 liters and salt-rich drinks such as Bockarie

Extra sleepwear taking into account the cold weather

Warm wear


Light pod while walking

Heavy pod while sleeping

Gloves for cold

What can you carry with you in your bag؟

Lighting lamp

The Sleep Buck

A field pillow

Power Bank

Lip balm

Cleaning tools

Paste brush

Comb and mirror

Bauer for toes

Incest ( wet wipes )


Gori hot water

Fireplace ( lighter )

Spoon + Food Knife

Fruits ( Orange / Apples / Banana )

Protein bar / nuts


+ Shahi coffee

We provide you

Certified paramedic

Experienced organizers

Camp at the top of the mountain

Path accessories

Snack while walking

Water and salts

Dinner and breakfast



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