18 KM


Overview :

Precious opportunities to break the barrier of fear, climb to the top of the Jabanah mountain, and register your name in the adventure book located at the top of it.summit and enjoying the scenery, the vast green spaces, especially in winter, and passing by of the ancient houses in the area.

It is a challenging trail that requires caution, a good level of fitness, and experienced climbers .

Join us in the challenge and don't hesitate.

The number is limited.

What are the benefits of mountain hiking?

It makes people feel happy and comfortable because of walking among the mountains and picturesque landscapes, which brings peace and tranquillity to their psyche. It also contributes to strengthening mental abilities and the relationship with others and has many heritage and social dimensions.
It is a sport full of meditation inspired by the environment, nature, places, road conditions, and the challenge of climbing.

It has been considered that the sport of "hiking" is part of adventure and a love of nature, and meditation on it's deeper level, which makes it unique and the memories remain for a long time.

The path contains:

Beautiful views from the top

Different types of beautiful rocks

Remains of seashells

ancient antique houses

Green spaces in the winter




Comfortable sports wear

Hand gloves, if available

light bulb

Water not less than 4 litres And drinks rich in salt, such as bokari

Hiking shoes

Backpack with shoulder and waist belt

Head cover and sunscreen

Fruits (orange-apple-banana) protein bars

First aid kit


We provide:


Experienced and efficient organizers

Water and juices will be provided

Track supplies



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