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Discover the splendor of the past in the historic district of the late Bronze Age, where time stops and tales begin. Wander among its picturesque plantations and enjoy the beauty of nature and the secrets of history. Immerse yourself in the details of this ancient civilization, and see the world with their eyes. Come and live a unique experience to transport you through the ages.


Overview :

Discover the magic of ancient time in the village of Al Buthnah.
This beautiful village embraces a history that dates back to the late Bronze Age and boasts a magnificent castle and historic pre-Islamic shrines.
Join us and enjoy an unforgettable trip to explore the beauty of history and culture in this unique village

Suitable for kids

Children from 6 years 75 AED

Requirements :


  • Comfortable athletic wear
  • Hand gloves if any
  • Lamp
  • Water is not less than ⁇ liters and drinks rich in salts such as bucary
  • Special shoes for haikings
  • Backpack with shoulder strap and waist
  • Head cover and sunscreen
  • Fruits (orange-apple-banana)
  • First aid to find

Services :

  • Experienced and efficient organizers
  • Water & juices
  • Track supplies
  • Paramedic
  • Live Dinner and Canafa Live
  • Manal mohito 🍹

Share the challenge and miss the opportunity


Adventure Nam: Pathna In Fujairah

Date: 21.10.2023

Meating time 4 pm


Admission of members of the Fronds Group is free
The number is limited and registration will be closed on Thursday

Note: In case of assistance, please do not hesitate and contact Captain Mona Jamil


Dream Belive Achive IT 🇦🇪

قرية البثنة تقع في إمارة الفجيرة في الإمارات العربية المتحدة. تقع « قرية البثنة » في وادي حام، أحد أطول الأودية التي تخترق سلسلة جبال الحجر

وجدت في البثنة العديد من الآثار التاريخية على أيدي علماء الآثار فكانت تعد هذه الآثار مواطن استقرار لأهالي المنطقة وتقع أغلبها في القسم الجنوبي من البثنة حيث تتوافر المياه وهذا ما يدل عليه أشجار النخيل الموجودة هناك. ووجد في هذه المنطقة الكثير من آنية الطين المحروق


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