A theoretical and practical workshop for school students from 8 to 15 years old will learn the basics of the game, and taekwandu is an excellent means of self-defense against any type of attack ( with hands, stick، The knife ) etc., in addition to being an eventful sport، The game is registered with the Emirates Federation of Martial Arts and matches are held at the start of the sports season, which gives a major reason for the challenge and development of the level to obtain results at the local and international levels as well.

What will they learn :

·      Developing mental, moral and spiritual discipline.

·      It promotes self-confidence as it is one of the individual games that depends on the victory of the person, and the child when he succeeds by the movements or moves to a higher level he feels proud of himself.

·      Practicing it earns the child the skill of self-defense if someone tries to bully him.

·      Contributes to mental and intellectual development, awareness and speed of intuition through training received by the child.

·      These games are important in the focus process, as the child learns to focus on his actions and the opponent's reactions.

Workshop program.

The first day

Introduce students to sports, close combat and benefits

Warm up

Application by the coach and assistant

Applying students and knowing the movements correctly

Muscle relaxation exercises

The second day

A review of the previous lesson

Student dish and coach correction

Learn new moves

Apply and make sure students understand

Muscle relaxation exercises


Trainer with a black level 3 belt and also a member of the International Arbitration Committee.

Assistant coach


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