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Medha is one of the states affiliated with the Masandem Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman, and it is an external pocket as it is surrounded by the UAE from all sides. It is located between mountain ranges and surrounded by the Emirates of Sharjah, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah - its population is about 3 thousand, connected to the Emirates by several border centers, and separated by other regions by a border fence, in which the ancient rock inscriptions abound. It carries drawings dating back to before Islam, as well as drawings and writings dating back to the first Hijri centuries.

In addition, there are several archaeological sites dating back to the Iron Age and the years between 1000 and 1500 BC. And many underground secret stores that the people define there as « Ignorance Stores ». And it has many cemeteries, among which the tomb of the Bani Hamid stone, is unique in the presence of inscriptions on its funerary evidence, from the white marble stone to the names of the dead، The city is distinguished by its mountainous nature, as well as being among the Omani states in which the irrigation is carried out with villas and eyes. Some of them flow cold water throughout the year, and some of them come out of hospital sulfur water. It is spread in the caves, mountain raids, and tree known as « Roller », which is characterized by its large size، A valuable opportunity to visit this area that contains unique mountain terrain, gorgeous color ponds and dramatic landscapes, we participated in the challenge and do not hesitate, the number is limited .

What are the benefits of mountain path ؟

It makes people feel happy and comfortable, because of walking between mountains and picturesque landscapes, which brings them peace and tranquility. It also contributes to strengthening the mental capabilities and relationship with others, and it has many heritage and social dimensions, a sport full of meditation inspired by the environment, nature and places, road conditions, and the challenge of ascending. He considered that the sport of « Hacking » has a part of adventure and love of nature, and meditation on it is deeper, which makes it unique and remains its memories for a long time.

Is the path suitable for children and families ؟

Many children rush to participate, especially in this cold and beautiful atmosphere, while taking safety and security precautions during the march. Many children on different mountain paths in order to gain more skill, experience and patience، And on every path they accomplish, they wait for longing to repeat it on another path، Stressing that they enjoy and feel psychological comfort by emptying their negative energies in a way that benefits them and creating a spirit of challenge from a young age and when taking memorial photos and video footage as they rush to the top path.

The path contains

picturesque landscapes

Notable rock formations

Small villages

Agricultural land, palm plantations

Channels of water in the wonderful mountains

An entertainment place for children among the trees in the middle of the mountains.



Lighting lamp

Water is not less than 2 liters and salt-rich drinks such as Bockarie

Special shoes for the hiking

Sportswear, preferably full-sleeved clothing and light colors

Backpack with shoulder strap and waist

Head cover and sunscreen

Fruits ( orange-apple-banana ) protein plates

First aid if found )


Experienced and competent organizers

Water and juices

Track requirements



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