The break of the bridge of Rafik Khurfkan is a tourist and recreational destination known for its charming beauty that captures attention, and it was built between high mountains after directives from His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi، Member of the Supreme Council, Governor of Sharjah “ God-sponsored ”, to open in 2018 and be a focus that attracts visitors and tourists and provides them with luxurious services worthy of their position and needs.

You can have a delicious snack as soon as you arrive for a withdrawal break.This distinctive tourist destination rises 600 meters above sea level,It provides a wonderful view of the city and the Gulf. The Companion Dam provides a simple restaurant and cafeteria with very delicious food. It should be noted that the Companion Dam restaurants provide breathtaking views and make you never want to finish your meal because of its magnificence.A games area for children with an area of 541 square meters, and provides a parking lot with a capacity of 89 cars.

What are the benefits of mountain path ؟

It makes people feel happy and comfortable, because of walking between mountains and picturesque landscapes, which brings them peace and tranquility. It also contributes to strengthening the mental capabilities and relationship with others, and it has many heritage and social dimensions, a sport full of meditation inspired by the environment, nature and places, road conditions, and the challenge of ascending. He considered that the sport of « Hacking » has a part of adventure and love of nature, and meditation on it is deeper, which makes it unique and remains its memories for a long time.

The path contains

The companion dam overlooking the deer reserve and beautiful mountain ranges

All the way to the clouds break

Visit the latest tourism projects in Khor Fakk, which combines a withdrawal break with a companion dam


Comfortable sportswear

Hand gloves, if any

Lighting lamp

Water is not less than 2 liters and salt-rich drinks such as Bockarie

Special shoes for the hiking

Backpack with shoulder strap and waist

Head cover and sunscreen

Fruits ( orange-apple-banana ) or protein plates

First aid if any


Experienced and competent organizers

Water and juices

Track requirements



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