Horses are multiple and varied, and each breed has its own advantages that distinguish it from the other; Horses may differ in color, size, neck length, length and shape of the tail, in addition to its running speed, and its stamina، And the environment that suits him to live, for example, the Arab horse has its large size, a strong physical structure, and has the ability to withstand the desert climate, so it is one of the ten most famous horses in the world، It was used in wars, due to its strength.

What are the benefits of this sport ؟

Stimulate blood circulation, teaching a person how to control his body by balancing him while riding a horse. It strengthens human focus. It strengthens muscles and prevents their contractions. It strengthens the heart and improves the performance of blood vessels and arteries. Important for those with cerebral palsy that affects movement; Where this sport is used as a treatment for their cases. [9 ] It increases a person's self-confidence as well as teaching a person patience. It helps reduce weight, especially in the abdomen and buttocks; It burns fat, and it is also one of the most sport that helps burn calories, and also facilitates digestion. [10 ] Reduces cramps, which works to treat joint problems. By riding a horse, people with spinal problems and strokes can be treated.

Is sports suitable for children ؟

Young people learn the importance of caring for animals. The benefits of horse riding are not limited to the body. Rather, it extends to benefits related to mental and mental health as well، It also makes the one who practices it feel fun by watching nature and getting to know new places. As for its emotional and psychological benefits, it helps the person feel psychological comfort, calm and meditation، It also creates a kind of compatibility between the person and the horse he rides, so that he becomes like a companion or a friend of his.

Contains activity

Training session inside the stable with a coach


Comfortable sportswear

Hand gloves, if any

At least 2 liters of water and salt-rich drinks such as bockarie




Activity requirements

Waiting area

Games for the little ones


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