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Dubai II is among the seven Emirates in terms of area, and its foundation dates back to 1833 when approximately eight hundred people from the Bani Yass tribe led by Al Maktoum settled in the Khor region، Which divides the city into two parts: Deira and Bir Dubai. The Dubai economy depends mainly on the sectors of trade, services, finance and tourism . The emirate is distinguished by its cultural diversity and its iconic features, and receives millions of visitors who seek pleasure and business every year, and from all over the world, Dubai includes a wide range of scenes and events، The Dubai departments, which are mediated by Khor Dubai, have their share of mosques, crowded markets, modern shopping centers, and other landmarks. Visitors can use the lessons on trips that extend for hours to Ras Al-Khour and the Al-Muffoum Bridge through many historical and modern scenes of the city, and Dubai is characterized by the presence of many hotels at a global level, and a modern architectural structure، And places for entertainment and eating food, in addition to sports events.

The path contains :

The look at the tower of his successor and breathtaking views in the Emirate of Dubai Lake and waterfall Restaurants and breaks.

Photography is prohibited while driving a bike.

The health benefits of riding a bike

Increased fitness of the heart and blood vessels

Increased muscle strength and flexibility

Improved joint movement

Low levels of stress

Improved position and coordination

Bone strengthening

Low levels of fat in the body

Prevention or disease management


Requirements :

ID card


Comfortable sportswear


Services :


We have non-inclusive rental bikes and helmets

We offer you dinner after completing the event.


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