It is the highest mountain peak in the State of Oman, where the height of the sun mountain reaches three thousand meters above sea level، On the mountain there is a special camping site for travelers on the Sun Mountain, and there are also many small villages where the inhabitants of Mount Sun live, the Sun Mountain is located in the state of Al Hamra, which is located in the interior of Oman، It is bordered by the state of Bahla and the state of Nuzwa, from the interior region, the state of Rastaq, and from the area of Al-Dahira, the state of Hebrew. The mountain of the sun consists of many slopes and peaks. Whenever the tourist reaches a foot, he finds another foot in front of him until he ascends to the highest peaks where the high altitude is.

Requirements :


Sports wear for swimming


Additional clothing will be swimming while crossing the valley

Hiking shoes against water

The water is at least 1 liter and drinks are rich in salts such as Bockarie

A small bag against the water

Head cover + sunscreen

Orange fruit - apple - bananas snacks to eat during the break

First aid if any

The price includes :

Hotel ( Triple Room )

Breakfast and lunch

Certified official and organizers

Adventure equipment



We can provide in the case of a non-exhaustive request:

Transportation from the emirates to the site 300 dirhams ( The number is limited ).

Individual room 100 additional dirhams.

Clear the visa transaction for an additional 30 dirhams on the visa price.

Get off the ropes 250 a distance of 50 meters.

Airline tickets and hotel reservations for all countries of the world at competitive prices.

Your photos and montage video 200 dirhams.

Adventure program

The first day: go to the hotel

4 pm Tag / Hatta Cooperative Society

At 4:30, move and go to the border to make entry and car insurance procedures.

Expected arrival time 10,30

Have dinner with the team

Go to the hotel

Prepare the equipment for the next day


The second day


Adventure: Mount Shams hidden pond

Itinerary :

- Hiking 4 km Sap Bani Khamis, the hidden pond, through the village of Sab Bani Khamis, where the village is located on a breathtaking mountain walk until its end with the hidden pond.

The second day schedule is the suspended wire (via Ferrata )


Hiking is a distance of 1 km for a quarter of an hour

Then go down the rope 30 meters

And then climb the suspended wire

Easy level

Go to the hotel to switch clothes

2 o'clock adventure ends


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