Climbing is a great power experiment. Over the longer it climbs you can work on your stamina, while the climb is all shorter than the power. You need to focus on maneuvers as you climb, which will help you build problem-solving skills. It is also incredibly curative, even relaxing, because you don't have time to think about anything except for the next step.


Technology is everything: it is not just about strength, but how much you move. Tension in your arms will cause you to get tired quickly - use your legs and leave your arms dead until your next move.

Body weight rules: No one cares about what you can sit or sit on a rock wall. You should spend more time on body exercises such as clouds to help your climbing force.

Muscle Lin: Set aside time to stretch before and after climbing. There is nothing worse than jamming in the middle of the movement and out of the wall to swing like a fool.

Your Path Plan: Choose the difficulty of your path ( referred to by ) fist color and evaluate the best method. Just go so it can leave you in a critical situation with no choice but to fall:

Is climbing suitable for children ؟

Climbing rocks for children internally or externally, there are different types involved in both activities. And from him
Usually this is done on artificially built rock structures that allow you to climb in all weather conditions and at any time of day, they are used at home as a way to improve climbing skills and techniques, as well as for exercise and fun. Provides secure rope fittings and techniques.

The activity contains :

More than 250 square meters of rock climbing, where 215 square meters above 40 cm of mats. Rock walls 3.6 to 4.6 meters high with angles ranging from tile at an angle of 85 degrees, to a balcony of 2 to 3 meters, and a ceiling of 8 meters.

A valuable opportunity for those who wish to acquire fitness and climbing skills

Requirements :

Comfortable sportswear

Climbing shoes, if any

No less than 2 liters and salt-rich drinks such as Bockarie

Services :

Certified coach

Climbing shoes


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