Wadi Hawer

The path contains high mountains and the beauty of nature from amazingly colored rock formations ، An opportunity for adventurers to hike, explore the cave, see bats, swim in clear pools of water, and watch big fish. It is an oasis in the desert of Oman, characterized by the water wealth that flows to it […]

Marjan Cycling Challenge

 Event’s name:  Marjan Cycling Challenge Description:  A bicycle race on the road divided into three categories A, B, and C. The goal is to encourage athletes to practice cycling and raising the level of advanced racers. Location:  Ras Al-Khaimah – Marjan Island Participation Terms & Conditions: Cycling challenge is open to all society members, including […]

Shams Mountain

Adventure Time: Friday to Sunday   Adventure program : First day : First day access to the camping site at (altitude 2800 m) Jebel Shams in Hamra state 2 Assembly at eye port 2.30 Movement towards Jebel Shams 8 Eat dinner 9 Expected arrival time Second day : The second day visit the village of […]