Al Daba Cave

Overview This state is located on the road leading from the city of Khorfakkan, belonging to the Emirate of Sharjah, to the Emirate of Fujairah. The state of Madha, Musandam Governorate, is characterized by an exceptional nature in the world of Omani geography, where its stunning beauty is evident through its natural and archaeological features […]

Wadi Shees

Precious opportunities to break the barrier of fear and visit this region that contains unique mountainous terrain, wonderfully colored ponds and dramatic landscapes By virtue of the location of Wadi Shees, Sharjah, amidst a chain of connected mountains, the area is full of valleys, springs and fresh water pools. Therefore, we find it a haven […]

وادي شيص

تقع منطقة شيص في الامارات من الجهة الشرقية للدولة، وهي جزء من مدينة خورفكان التابعة لإمارة الشارقة، ولا يسعنا تقديم معلومات عن منطقة شيص دون ذكر أهم ميزة فيها وهي اعتدال مناخها على مدار العام مقارنةً مع مناخ الإمارات الأخرى، كما تتميز شيص بمعالمها الطبيعية الخلابة أشهرها الجبال الشامخة التي تعتبر من أجمل جبال الإمارات. […]

وادي شيص

تقع منطقة شيص في الامارات من الجهة الشرقية للدولة، وهي جزء من مدينة خورفكان التابعة لإمارة الشارقة، ولا يسعنا تقديم معلومات عن منطقة شيص دون ذكر أهم ميزة فيها وهي اعتدال مناخها على مدار العام مقارنةً مع مناخ الإمارات الأخرى، كما تتميز شيص بمعالمها الطبيعية الخلابة أشهرها الجبال الشامخة التي تعتبر من أجمل جبال الإمارات. […]

سد الرفيصة

استراحة سد الرفيصة خورفكان هي وجهة سياحية وترفيهية تُعرف بجمالها الساحر الذي يخطف الأنظار، وقد تم تشييدها بين جبال شاهقة بعد توجيهات من صاحب السمو الشيخ الدكتور سلطان بن محمد القاسمي، عضو المجلس الأعلى حاكم الشارقة “رعاه الله”، ليتم افتتاحها عام 2018 وتكون بؤرة تستقطب الزوار والسياح وتوفر لهم خدمات فاخرة تليق بمكانتهم واحتياجاتهم يمكنك […]

مسار حديقة السويفة

حيث المتعة الممزوجة بالرمال الناعمة تحت أشعة الشمس الساطعة تعد هذه الحديقة الترفيهية الشاطئية الوجهة الرياضية المثالية لقضاء أمتع الأوقات لجميع أفراد العائلة. وهي أيضًا المكان المناسب لمحبي المغامرات الخارجية في الهواء الطلق ما فوائد رياضة المسير الجبلي ؟ أنها تشعر الأشخاص بالسعادة والراحة، وذلك بسبب السير بين الجبال والمناظر الطبيعية الخلابة، ما يعود على […]

الصخور الأحفورية

تقع منطقة مليحة الشارقة في الجزء الجنوبي الشرقي من إمارة الشارقة، وتحتضن العديد من المعالم الأثرية البارزة مثل، الحصون التاريخية التي تعود لحقبة ما قبل الإسلام، الى جانب المقابر الأثرية التي تعود الى العصر البرونزي، كما تضم المنطقة مركز مليحة للآثار الذي يزخر بالعديد من الاكتشافات والمقتنيات التاريخية، وتتميز بقربها من شارع أم القيوين -الشويب […]

جبل الرابي

يتيح للزوار فرصة الاستمتاع برحلة خيالية تجمع بين سحر الطبيعة وعظمة التاريخ ومتعة المغامرة فبرج الرابي، الذي تم بناؤه في عام 1915 كجزء من شبكة الأنظمة الدفاعية المستخدمة لحماية المدينة، يرصد ذكريات أكثر من 100 عام من تاريخ المدينة العريق، أما المسار الجبلي الذي يمتد لمسافة 1600 متراً، يوفر تجربة مثالية لكل عشاق المغامرة وهواة […]


Overview When the earth passes between the sun and the moon, blocking the sun’s light, a lunar eclipse occurs. A partial lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon but the three celestial bodies do not form a straight line in space. When that happens, a small part of the Moon’s […]

Sharjah Aquarium

About The Museum The Sharjah Aquarium first opened its doors on June 6, 2008. Why visit the Aquarium? Explore the fascinating hidden world of the deep sea with its amazing creatures. Enjoy a close-up look at the local fish species and learn about Sharjah’s historic coasts and ports. Explore the astonishing hidden world of the […]


Overview If you know an enthusiastic kid or two who would love to play in the rain, then they would really enjoy the Rain Room. The immersive installation employs motion sensors that detect movement and halt the falling water as you move through it. As you navigate the minimally lit chamber, you’ll be surrounded by […]


Overview No visit to Sharjah is complete without the experience of riding the wheel of the eye of the Emirates at the Sharjah Corniche with spectacular views of the waterfront and lakes. You can take in the views of the neighboring emirate of Dubai and when the sky is clear, even spot the Burj Khalifa. […]


Overview As exciting at the indoor family-friendly attractions in Sharjah are, there is nothing like exploring the outdoors to put a smile on your little tyke’s face. Although some of these things to do for kids in Sharjah may seem taxing during the summer months, once the temperatures go down, these places to take children […]


Overview The Sharjah Science Museum is another one of the best kid-friendly attractions in Sharjah that offers a highly enjoyable, interactive experience with plenty of kids entertainment. If your kids are aspiring to be scientists, this one of the must-try indoor activities for children in Sharjah. The museum allows children to participate in scientific activities and […]

Archaeological Tour

Overview Step into our vehicles and head back in time to see Mleiha through the ages. Trek through ancient Stone Age caves, Faya Cave and the Bronze age tombs in our Western Zone or explore the Pre-Islamic era and witness the community lifestyle, horse and camel graves, farmhouse with kitchen and Mleiha Fort in our Eastern Zone.  

Jebel Buhais Trek

Overview In this new trekking package, prepare to head out on an archaeologically focused walk across the rocky outcrop of Jebel Buhais. Enjoy spectacular views from the ancient 2,000 year old Iron Age Fort with an expert guide leading you through historic landscapes. The mountain’s archaeological findings include an 8,000 year old Stone Age necropolis. […]

Al Montazah

Al Montazah Amusement and Water Park is Sharjah’s number one family destination, offering thrilling water rides and lavish leisure amenities. Are you ready to explore the soothing wonders of a hidden river? A secret tranquil river that bursts through The Great Oasis and is said to hide a giant pearl Kingdom. Come on over with […]

Fossil Hunt Expedition

Be a paleontologist for the day and learn how to make fossil casts using actual fossils found in Mleiha and seashells from around the region. Visit several ages of ancient sea beds, the resting places of ancient creatures and Earth’s upper mantle. Read the history of the planet inscribed in the rocks

Yoga Retreat

Join us for a special Sunset Yoga session designed to adapt your body and mind to the setting sun through grounding, mindful movements, and gentle breathing. Enjoy our delicious BBQ dinner after exploring the stars and planets in the night sky through a high-powered telescope guided by our astronomy experts. Complete this perfect evening induced […]

Prison Island

Brace yourselves for an exhilarating experience that will captivate your senses with immersive and gripping challenges like never before. Prison Island Sharjah is a thrill-seeker’s paradise, where participants between 8-88 years can test their mettle by engaging in quick thinking, employing logic, and by harnessing the power of teamwork.  Venture into the heart of 25 […]

A Hike Trip at Jabel Swifa-Khorfakkan

This path is considered one of the most beautiful natural paths and a overlooking city  view of  Khorfakkan. It ends at the natural mountain sea waves, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the path lines. Requirements Hiking shoes Comfortable backpack flashlight A 1.5L water + snacks Commitment to the appointed time Head cover […]

Rabbi Mountain

It gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy a fictional journey that combines the magic of nature, the greatness of history, and the pleasure of adventure. The Rabi Tower, which was built in 1915 as part of the network of defense systems used to protect the city، It monitors memories of more than 100 years of […]

Fossil Rocks

The Malha Sharjah region is located in the southeastern part of the Emirate of Sharjah, and it embraces many prominent monuments such as the historical fortresses of the pre-Islamic era، In addition to the archaeological cemeteries dating back to the Bronze Age, the region also includes a salty center for antiquities, which is replete with […]

Shis Valley

The Chis region is located in the Emirates from the eastern side of the state, and it is part of the city of Khurfkan of the Emirate of Sharjah، We cannot provide information about the Shes region without mentioning the most important advantage in it, which is the moderation of its climate throughout the year […]

Wadi Al-Hawra

Medhat is surrounded by the UAE from all sides. It is located between mountain ranges and surrounded by the Emirates of Sharjah, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah – its population is about 3 thousand, connected to the Emirates by several border centers and separated by a border fence from other regions، This state is located on […]

The Companion Dam

The break of the bridge of Rafik Khurfkan is a tourist and recreational destination known for its charming beauty that captures attention, and it was built between high mountains after directives from His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi، Member of the Supreme Council, Governor of Sharjah “ God-sponsored ”, to open in […]

Al-Suwaifa Park Path

Where the fun mixed with soft sand in bright sunlight, this beach recreational park is the ideal sporting destination to spend the most enjoyable times for all family members. It is also the place who loves outdoors adventure. What are the benefits of mountain path ؟ It makes people feel happy and comfortable, because of […]